GREAT two days in Valmiera, Latvia! 20.02.2016 – 21.02.2016

At the national all breeds dog show Valmiera’s Winner 2016
20.02. judge Livia Zizevske from Lithuania:
Discovery Carpathian Saint’s aka Goethe very promising puppy, promotion prize and BOS puppy,
La Luna Wielkopolski Bernardyn aka Luna BOB junior, junior CAC, BF/1, BEST OF BREED!! Luna also received the titles Valmiera’s Junior Winner’16 and Valmieras Winner’16!

On the 21st of February Valmiera’s Cup 2016
21.02. judge Helin Tenson from Finland
Discovery Carpathian Saint’s aka Goethe very promising puppy, promotion prize and BOS puppy.
La Luna Wielkopolski Bernardyn aka Luna BOB junior, junior CAC, BF 1, BEST OF BREED AGAIN!!!

Thank you Magda Kubacha and Nataliia Kachmar for these amazing pups!



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